What are the benefits of kinesiology?

Because Kinesiology taps into so many different aspects of your wellbeing, the benefits of kinesiology appear to be endless. Even though you may come in with a sore back, I am able to tap into the core issues and have you walk out feeling a whole lot more balanced, clear and energised. When everything is in balance, there are less things causing stress in your system and dis-ease and feeling stuck are eliminated.

I work with these kinesiology techniques and coaching skills to empower an individual’s body & mind with the tools to live the life they desire in a balanced and sustainable way.


Each session I access your conscious and subconscious  mind to improve clarity, memory, focus and align your thoughts with achieving the wellness you desire.


By working with your mind and bring balance to other areas of your body and biochemistry, you may feel your emotional equilibrium improve and resilience to stressors increase.


I ensure your physical body is functioning at its best. You may experience a decrease in pain and tension and an improvement in flexibility, movement and function in your physical body.


I check in with your biochemistry and things like diet, nutrition or environmental factors. These may help with hormonal balance, immune system. allergies and sensitivities.


I work with the Chinese medicine philosophies and work to balance the meridian system, which supports a number of the bodies functions and overall wellbeing.

Below are some of the things I see clients for…

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