Why Might You See a Kinesiologist?

You Feel Stiff, Stuck, In Pain Unwell or Unhappy

You Want To Optimise Your Family's Health and Wellbeing

You Are Ready To Be Your Potential and Realise Your Dreams

Kinesiology is all about balance

When you come for kinesiology sessions with a practitioner, its important to note that we do not treat, diagnose or prescribe for any known diseases. My intention is to bring balance to your system. Through muscle testing and the range of techniques available to us, together we can identify what the stressors or blockages are in your energetic systems, along with how to reduce, eliminate or increase tolerance of those things, so your body is in a better position to function optimally.

Kinesiology is a participatory experience

You and your willingness and determination to be the best version of yourself is the primary factor in you achieving optimal health and wellbeing. This is why Kinesiology sessions are a participatory modality. You may be expected to talk, do exercises or activities during a session or their might be  homework to complete in order to help maintain the changes made in each session. If you are not committed to your journey, you are unlikely to see the results you seek.

Session Types

Adult Sessions

  • Face to Face (90 mins)                                  $150
  • Online (90 mins )                                          $150

Children Session

Kids can’t always articulate what is going on for them. Kinesiology can be a great tool to work with reducing stress and imbalances in a child’s system, so they can make the most out of their life. Make sure you follow our blog for more information about how we can support your child’s wellbeing.

  • Children under 5 (30min)                          $50
  • Children 5-15 (60min)                              $100
  • Children 15+ (90min)                                $150

These times are a general only. I will adapt the session times to suit your child’s needs. Sometimes more regular shorter sessions are more beneficial, we can adapt them as we see fit. 

Lying down muscle testing
Kinesiology with Kids

How many sessions?

How many sessions an individual needs varies from person to person. There are a few factors that may impact how many or how frequently you need to see a kinesiologist. The most prominent of these factors include how long the issue has been present and how much work you are committed to doing. Therefore, some clients are able to find relief in just one session, However, relief is often just a small step forward. The issue may quite often return because you have only dealt with the surface issues. With multiple sessions, the changes go deeper, more layers are uncovered and a deeper and more permanent change can occur. It is in this state we are able to take enough steps forward that those issues are no longer in our life.

Ask me if you would like to buy your appointments in bulk

What To Expect.

Although the details of your session will vary greatly from session to session, there is a process I follow that puts all the wonderful techniques together. Below I have laid out the process for those who like to know what to expect when they come for a session.

Before Your Session

booking your session

I have an Online Booking System which shows you all the available dates and times. This makes it easy for you to find a time that best suits you. Once you pick your time, there will be a client intake form to fill out. For new clients this is an in-depth look at your history. This will save you time when you come in. If you are booking in a follow up appointment yourself at home, there is space in the booking form to let me know what it is that you want to work on for this session. This can help me prepare anything I might need to before you come in.

If you cannot find a preferred time online, please send me a message. I may be able to move things around for you.

Look out for your confirmation email in your inbox with instructions on getting to your appointment.

Booking In


You will receive a reminder email 24 hours before your session. This will again have directions and information regarding your appointment.

Take note of where your wellbeing is at right now.

Take note of any:

  • pain,
  • tension,
  • energy levels
  • health factors.
  • emotional states.
  • current life stressors

Have a think about what you want to achieve from our session. Whether you want to improve your physical health or reduce stress in your life we are going to turn this into a goal for you. We are going to align your body and mind with this goal and support your body towards achieving these things for you.

Pre-Session Self Check-In

Follow the GPS to the address

Be Your Potential is located at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac in Kariong. Follow your GPS to the address found in your confirmation email. You can park on the left of the drive way in front of the clinic. or, there is plenty of places to park on the street.

Getting Here
The Session

Talk Through Your Intake Form

When you arrive we will have a general chat about your intake form, I will give you an explanation about kinesiology and how I work with it and ask you a bit about  what you want to achieve before we start the balance. The session is carried out fully clothed, although I do suggest wearing clothing that allows you to move freely. You may need to lift your legs in the air or do certain movement activities within the balance.

Meet and Greet

Would You Like To Sit, Lye or Stand?

I have a massage table set up in the room for you to use. Many people prefer to lye. some prefer to sit. and occasionally people need to adjust their position throughout the session and that is 100% OK. I may also need you to adjust your position throughout the session if the techniques used require us to.

The sessions are fully clothed, and facing the practitioner. I recommend for comfort to wear clothes that you can move easily in as we may be moving your arms and legs in the air for different testing and techniques.

Get Comfortable

Setting up a pair of muscles for Muscle Testing

Usually I chose a muscle in the shoulder or arm as our Clear Circuit Indicator Muscle. We use the arms as levers that test the function of the muscles (not strength). When a small amount of pressure is placed on the arms, the muscle being tested will either feel like a break and lock quite solidly into place or more like a clutch and eventually give way underneath the pressure. This locking and unlocking is the bodies way of telling us where the stress is (unlocking) and where it is ok or, how it lets us know what it needs to reinstate balance (lock)

I will use either one or both arms to test these muscles. this helps me to communicate with the bodies core-operating unit where I will be looking to identify what the body wants in order to achieve wellness or your goals for the session.

Setting up Communication

Checking and Clearing all Pre-Checks

Before any communication can be trusted from these muscles, there are a few pre-checks that need to carry out and clear.  These pre-checks ensure that your body has the Life force to carry out the balance, there is correct brain integration, your body is hydrated enough and that we can use all your balancing points correctly. Without these pre-checks being clear, we are likely to get mixed messages from the body and the session might not be as effective.


What Do You Want To Achieve As A Result Of This Session?

Our next step in the kinesiology session is to develop a goal for your session. These goals can be anything. Goals are important in order to help give you and your body direction for healing. this means getting clear on what it is that you want to be, feel, have, or do that you feel you can’t right now.

If you have come in with pain tension or a health condition that is bothering you, I will get you to think about what you would be able to do if you didn’t have the problem. We will explore what the pain is stopping you from being able to do, or how it is stopping you from living your best life. The goal is to move you further BEYOND the “well point” to truly thriving in life.

Not sure how Kinesiology can help? check out some of the things people come to see us for here

Setting A Goal

How Will You Know You Have Achieved Your Goal?

one of the most important parts of my process is getting you to really think about ALL the factors involved in your goal. What does the outcome look like and feel like? what do you need in order to experience it? What is stopping you? What actions do you need to take? Creating this picture in your mind also helps your mind and body to align itself with your goal.

Creating a Picture

How is Your Body Responding To Your Goal

With a clear goal, and all the issues and online, we start to get a ‘read out’ of the body as to where it is currently at now.  I will look at your meridian system, and muscle test for any other significant imbalances that we might need to take note of now. This brings online all the important things that need clearing and an awareness of why you feel the way you do right now.

Your Current State

What's Holding You Back From Your Goals?

Sometimes we hold onto health issues or pain and tension in our lives because there is something we gain from it. so,  before we complete any balancing techniques, we checking for these.  I take you through some statements to make sure every part of you is 100% on board with making the change  you desire and there are no Sabotage programmes that will stop this process from moving forward.

Clearing Sabotage Programmes

What Does Your Body Want To Help You Achieve Your Goal

Once we have established that you are 100% willing, able and determined to make changes and accept the benefits, it is time to see what specific balancing techniques are required.  The body will communicate with us via the indicator muscles, what techniques it would like us to do in order to reduce stress and bring balance, resilience to the entire body and mind and help you to achieve your goal with ease.

Balancing Techniques

Are There Any Other Times That Need Balancing

I start working at the present time, before I check if there are any other times that need to be balanced. The body will then take itself to that time and we will carry out any further techniques at this time. Sometimes this is where trauma has occurred in our lives, or certain subconscious patterns have been imprinted due to the certain stresses in our life. We release the emotions and trauma from those times that are holding you in the current state. (The best part, in some cases your body takes you there without needing to be conscious of where you are. helping you deal and heal things without having to bring them into the forefront of your mind)

Balance All Times

How Is The Body Now Functioning After The Balance

Once your body indicates there are no other times to balance, it is time to come back to the present time and  recheck your goal. It should now be showing a locked response when we test the indicator muscles. This means that there is no longer any stress that is impacting your ability to reach this goal and you have the capacity to achieve it. I will recheck any imbalances that showed when we set your goal and make sure these are now balanced. lastly I will ask you how you feel now with all of these changes. Many of my clients remark that they feel calmer and more clear minded (and sometimes tired. but in a good way)

Checking The Changes

What Can You Do To Reinforce The Changes You've Made

Before we finish up, I like to check a few things. Sometimes, there may be home reinforcement for you to carry out to in order to maintain the balance we have just completed. I also like to make sure that you are not holding stress and every part of you is willing to implement the session outside the walls of the clinic space.

Home Reinforcement

How Do You See Yourself Functioning In This New Way?

Lastly, I will give you a moment to just bask in your new state. Getting you to describe for me what that state means and how you see yourself functioning now in your life. This Future Pacing helps you to start solidifying this new state into your being.

Visualising Your Future
After Your Session.



If your body has suggested home reinforcement at the end of the session, It is highly recommended you carry it out. You will get the most out of this process if you put in the energy required. I am only here to facilitate the process, I can’t do that part for you.


If you have any questions regarding your session or how you are feeling after your session, do not hesitate to contact me via email, text or a phone call.  You are also welcome to leave testimonials via google.