Kinesiology Testing Kits.

The testing kits I use in clinic and during training are comprehensive and are easy to use. They have been developed by Evelin Lidell who is a Homeopath and Kinesiologist here in Australia. In a balance I might use the testing kits to identify and balance foods and other substances or organisms that are causing stress on the body.

The kits that are available are:

  • Allergy and Sensitivity Kit
  • Bacteria Testing kit
  • Drug and Addiction
  • Environment and personal Care
  • Enzyme and Digestion
  • Food Additives Testing Kit
  • Food Testing Kit 1,
  • Food Testing Kit 2
  • Food Testing Kit 3
  • General Testing Kit
  • Heavy Metal Testing Kit

  • Homeopathic Remedies
  • Hormones & Glands Testing Kit
  • Human Body Testing Kit
  • Lyme Testing Kit
  • Nutrition Testing Kit
  • Parasite Testing Kit
  • Pharmaceutical Testing Kit
  • Radiation Testing Kit
  • Tissue Salts Testing Kit
  • Vaccination Testing Kit
  • Virus Testing Kit

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