Muscle Testing Basics for Manual Therapists

2 Days - 9am-5pm

Five Element Fundamentals and Muscle Testing Basics for Manual Therapists

Calling all massage therapists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, personal trainers and other manual therapist looking to add something special to their bodywork!

This workshop contains K-Power®’s basic toolbox. In this workshop you will learn five foundation skills that enable you to apply muscle-testing and Meridian Balancing knowledge to your specialty area.

In this workshop you will learn:

    • The fundamental concepts of Five-Element theory, the ‘great-8’ muscles
    • The CV and GV energy reservoirs
    • Six basic balancers – neuro-lymphatics, neuro-emotionals, neuro-vasculars, meridians, vertebral reflexes and nutrition
    • Four fundamental techniques – ESR, origin and insertion, spindles, golgi
    • Circuit locating and how to shift blocked energy using a powerful goal-oriented balancing process.

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Jessica Wiel Kinesiologist and kinesiology faculty member

Jessica Wiel – Kinesiologist and Head Trainer

Experience:ICPKP Diploma and ICPKP Faculty member

Jessica is an ICPKP Practitioner and the primary Kinesiologist and Head Trainer at Be Your Potential Kinesiology. Jess found her superpower when she found kinesiology. Her natural tendency to understand things on all sorts of levels is the gift she brings to her kinesiology sessions and her teaching.

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