Tibetan Energy and Vitality

Kariong NSW 2250

Prerequisites: None

Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • Pain?
  • Low Energy?
  • Fatigue?
  • Loss of motivation?

These are all signs that the body is functioning at less than best!!! But, you CAN feel better!!

The Tibetan Energy and Vitality workshop was designed to teach easy, practical stress management techniques for anyone to use for themselves and with family and friends.

“We seek to empower people – to give them tools, fresh hope and to show them ways to move ahead out of their present situations, whether it be pain, dysfunction, overwhelm, weariness, fatigue, frustration or apparent hopelessness.”

The workshop teaches a number of techniques originally developed by the people of Tibet to aid healing and improve energy and vitality.


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Jessica Wiel Kinesiologist and kinesiology faculty member

Jessica Wiel – Kinesiologist and Head Trainer

Experience:ICPKP Diploma and ICPKP Faculty member

Jessica is an ICPKP Practitioner and the primary Kinesiologist and Head Trainer at Be Your Potential Kinesiology. Jess found her superpower when she found kinesiology. Her natural tendency to understand things on all sorts of levels is the gift she brings to her kinesiology sessions and her teaching.

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