Kinesiology Emotional Stress Release ESR Stress release made Easy

Stress Release Made Easy

Saturday 24th July 2021
10am - 4pm
East Gosford

Prerequisites: None
Duration: Half day

This workshop aims to give you the understanding of what stress is, and how the body responds to it? It will show you the warning signs of stress and how to manage your stress. Using the simple yet powerful techniques in this workshop, you can also help your family or clients find effective ways to increase tolerance of and resistance to stress, and manage stress effectively in everyday life.

Some of the techniques covered in this workshop are:
  • Emotional stress release (ESR)
  • Accurate muscle testing
  • Emotional balancing with affirmations
  • Alarm points
  • Meridians and emotions – positive and negative
  • Using affirmations with muscle testing
  • Breathing and stress management
  • Exercise and stress management
  • Nutrition for stress management, health, energy, and vitality
  • Wholefood Supplements for stress management, health, energy, and vitality
  • Long-term stress management
  • Humor and stress managementhow best to manage it in our life.

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Jessica Wiel Kinesiologist and kinesiology faculty member

Jessica Wiel – Kinesiologist

Experience:ICPKP Diploma and ICPKP Faculty member

Jessica is the primary Kinesiologist and Head Teacher at Be Your Potential Kinesiology.

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