Our students need you!

All our students who are enrolled in our course, are required to complete supervised clinical hours.

Students are required to work with clients using the kinesiology technique they have just learnt under the supervision and direction of a qualified clinic supervisor. It really helps to have members of the general public to work on, as this gives our students invaluable experience, knowledge and confidence in stepping out into the world and using these skills in their own practice.

These students are at varying stages of their studies, and therefore we are offering. these sessions at a reduced rate. Although our students are still studying, they have currently met a place in their studies in which they have the tools to give their clients some amazing results.

If you would like to have more energy or focus, or would like to reduce and pain and discomfort you are experiencing,

 Book yourself into our student clinic below.

More Info
Sessions are 1 – 1.5 hours. you will have one student as a practitioner another as an observer, and a clinic supervisor present.
We recommend you wear loose fitting clothing that allows access to reflex points on the torso, arms and legs as well as providing unrestricted movement of your body. Women may wish to wear trousers or shorts.
$30 per session
Cancellation Policy
Please allow 24 hours notice if you are cancelling your appointment, to allow the student time to have the session re-booked. Their time in clinic is limited. If they are unable to rebook a client they miss out on their student clinic hours which is important for their graduation.

Note: If no appointments are showing, we either may be full or currently do not have availability. Feel free to send me a message on 0420649701 and I can’t let you know when we have availability.