Be Your Potential Meditation Group

Guided Sound and Colour Meditations in Kariong

Combining Meditation, Sound, Colour and Breath to create a beautiful shift in your wellbeing.

Join us for regular classes that incorporate a range of healing techniques provided to you.

  • Reduces Stress and Improves Stress Related Symptoms.
  • Improves Clarity of Mind
  • Enhances Self-Awareness
  • Promotes Emotional Wellbeing, often reducing feelings related to anxiety and depression.
  • Helps Control Pain
  • Improves Sleep

Deep breathing clears out stale air and allows more oxygen into the lungs and increases space in your chest cavity. This then allows more oxygen into your blood stream. Oxygen is needed for our cells to break down food into energy. Deep breathing also slows your heart rate down. It also helps us to massage our digestive organs, potentially improving our digestive system.


Colour can have wonderful healing effects on the body and mind. Be incorporating coloured light into the meditation, it allows us to enhance your life energy as well as  create harmony in your system with any colours that may be impacting your daily life in a disharmonious way.


The vibrations of sound have powerful healing properties. Our bodies emit certain vibrational frequencies and when diseased their frequency changes. We use sound from bowl, tuning forks, our voice and certain vibrational frequencies in our meditations to promote healing, and enhancement of our wellbeing and vitality.

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