What We Are About

Empowering individuals to be the best version of themselves.

Whether you want better physical or mental health, or to improve performance in your life to achieve your goals.  This center is aimed at creating a welcoming and safe space for any individual to explore, heal and transform their lives.

Using and sharing Kinesiology.

We offer everything from Kinesiology Sessions to Kinesiology Wellness workshops and Professional Practitioner Training! The stream of Kinesiology that we use here and is taught in our courses is PKP from the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice. It is a very well rounded professional course that is being taught in 20 different countries around the world and is currently translated into 8 different languages.


This business is driven by sustainability of the the planet, our environment, and our own individual selves is of huge importance to the happiness of ourselves and the people around us. When we recognise that our bodies are a microcosm of the universe, you realise that the universal laws you use to support our environment, can be applied to your own self and vice versa.

Contact details

Clinic hours:

Monday to Thursday 9am – 7pm

Sunday 10am-5pm

  • 8 Denver Close,
  • East Gosford, NSW 2250
  • 0420649701
  • Jess@beyourpotential.com.au 

A note about getting to us:

Access to 8 Denver is via the end of Bay View Ave.

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Our Staff

Jessica Wiel Kinesiologist and kinesiology faculty member

Jessica Wiel – Kinesiologist

Head TeacherKinesiologist
Experience:ICPKP Diploma and ICPKP Faculty member

Certificate IV in Kinesiology ~ Certificate in Kinesiology for wellness ~ Certificate in Basic kinesiology Principles ~ International Certificate in Basic Kinesiology Principles ~ Diploma Kinesiology (Professional Kinesiology Practice) ~ Certificate in Hypnosis ~ ICPKP Faculty Member

Jessica is the primary Kinesiologist and Head Teacher at Be Your Potential Kinesiology.

Community Outreach

Domestic violence greatly impacts not only our mental and emotional wellbeing, but creates a memory within the physical body that can also impact our health. With Kinesiology we are able to to help identify where the body is storing these memories and help release them.  this helps the body and mind to work more effectively, and helps to release the “power” the trauma has over your body and mind. Sometimes it can be like unlayering the experience until you have released and repatterning until you are feeling clear headed and free to live the life you desire.

Having experienced trauma from an abusive relationship, this cause sits very close to Jess’s heart. Kinesiology helped her heal from her own trauma so she can step in to her power and live her life fully. Jess is very passionate about working with other adults and children who have come from these environments and are wanting to really shift into their power and be the best versions of themselves.


Would you like to Donate a Workshop or Session to one of our warriors? Send Jess an email

For more information about The Outpost https://www.theoutpost.org.au/ 

The Outpost

The Outpost Mission Statement.

To permanently break the cycle of domestic violence though the multifaceted Fearless Warrior Project implemented at the point of the true decision of the victim to create a new, productive and amazing life. Based on current practical therapies and studies carried out by world leading Psychologists and psychiatrists.

The Fearless Warrior Project will transform victims into victors by reclaiming their lives to achieve abundantly healthy and productive homes, lives, networks and lifestyles that promote an organic flow on affect, resulting in active & productive members of society making holistic and positive life choices and strengthening their surrounding community.

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