What Is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology = the study of movement.

Structural – Mental – Emotional – Biochemical – Environmental – Energy

Here at Be Your Potential, I look at the movement of more than just the physical body. I also help to improve the movement of the bodies energy systems and the movement of the mind and your emotions. This means all aspects of yourself are flowing freely and functioning at their best. This is why I chose Kinesiology as my profession. 

Kinesiology is the MOST holistic approach in one modality.

How does kinesiology work?

Kinesiology uses MUSCLE TESTING (or muscle monitoring)  to get access to the entire body-mind system: the subconscious.


This holds all the information regarding our past and present,physical, emotional, mental and energetic states. This determines the way our body responds to things in the present moment.


Communicating with the body in this way, allows the Kinesiologist to determine where ‘imbalances’ are in a person’s mind and body. It also allows them to identify factors that are needed to bring the body back to balance. When the body is in balance, it is able to work at it’s best.


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What are the foundations of Kinesiology?

It was chiropractors that first started using muscle monitoring to identify what things helped to reinstate balance to the muscles and functioning of the body. During his practice, Dr George Goodheart saw a relationship between reinstating muscle function using eastern philosophies. This is where the magic of the western and eastern medicine began to marry.

The Chinese Medicine Five Element Theory, which believes that everything in the universe, including our health, is governed by five natural elements:


In TCM it is believed that our body is a microcosm of the universe, therefore, in order to achieve health and harmony, we must live by the universal laws. Both the yin/yang and 5 Element theories are observations of nature. Many years ago, TCM practitioners discovered these same relationships within our own systems and over the years developed a unified body of wisdom that is still being used today to treat and heal conditions. Acupuncture or Meridian therapy being one of those treatments that these practitioners would use.


The stream of Kinesiology that is taught and practiced here, is PKP from the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice. This stream has been the foundation for many of the kinesiology streams out there as well as a collection of some of the best techniques from a variety of holistic practices. We focus on balancing the energies of the meridian systems within the body using techniques from these different modalities with such great success.

The Chinese 5 Elements

The Relationship Between your Body and your Mind

Triangle of health, Mind-body connection.
Kinesiology Triangle of Health
The state of your body Impacts how you see the world.
Have you ever noticed that when you are exhausted and have no energy, everything feels like a huge obstacle to overcome? However, When you have had ample rest, those same activities appear suddenly so much easier. This is because the state of your body and the resources it has, will impact how much your mind should believe it has to carry out the task at hand.
Our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and words we use all impact how our body responds….
When you see something scary, your body activates the fight or flight response in order to survive the perceived danger. When you see someone you love, it activates a response closer to rest and digest from within your body. So, Your perception and how you chose to see the world can heavily impact how your body and its physiology responds.

Any STRESS within our Body, Mind or our Environment has an impact on our entire wellbeing.

That is why, as Kinesiologists, we work with the triangle of health, ensuring we are working with ALL aspects of a person at the same time. Stressors are eliminated and support is determined, guiding the entire being towards wellness and vitality.

Learn more about stress here!


PKP™ helps you discover your true potential and overcome past obstacles to find your magic in life. It’s about learning, personal growth, and embracing life fully.

PKP™ is a tool for assessing and improving performance across all areas of your life. It focuses on clarity and action by examining your values and goals.

From a Quantum perspective, PKP™ goes beyond traditional views of mind and body separation. It embraces the whole being and is holistic in its approach to healthcare.

Unlike conventional medicine, PKP™ doesn’t treat named diseases. Instead, it works with energy models to help clients achieve predetermined positive goals through educational sessions.

PKP™ values include love, kindness, authenticity, courage, and respect, promoting high-level wellness and vitality.

Dr. Dewe teaches that PKP™ empowers individuals to move beyond mere symptom treatment, restoring natural energy flow and maximizing healing potential for holistic well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Kinesiology for?

Kinesiology is for EVERYONE. From babies to the elderly. Male or female. Any religion, belief system, background or ethnicity. Kinesiology doesn’t discriminate. There are always practitioners out there that can adapt their sessions to meet your needs or your comfort.

Being a nanny for many years, has helped me to gain the expertise needed to work well with children of all ages. I work comfortably and effectively with people of any gender, nationality or belief.

The only pre-requisite for getting the most out of kinesiology with me is a willingness to be better than you are. It is an active process meaning you  may be asked to contribute to the session by doing certain exercises, discussing certain things going on in your life, and taking any required action for homework. This ensures you get the most Benefit out of your sessions with your kinesiologist and start really reaching your potential.

How does Kinesiology work?

Each of us is special, unique and different. We all have our own personal bio-computer that has been programmed by both our genetic make up and our life experiences. That bio-computer tells our body how to function. Body posture, for instance is a reflection of muscle activity which is depicted by this bio computer. The way we stand, the way we walk, how tense and uptight our shoulders are or the down-turn of the lips, speak louder than any words about our life experience.

The holistic nature and connection of the different parts of our body also gives further insight into an individuals life experience.

The function of the muscle testing that we use in Kinesiology, is to obtain a specific readout of an individual. This allows us to identify where there are particular stressors that are causing the system to work less effectively and find the factors that will improve it’s function.

For example, unequal muscle activity Usually expresses itself as pain or a knotted-up muscle.

Instead of working directly on the knotted up muscle, the Kinesiologist tests all muscles opposing the tight muscle and strengthens any weak or unlocking muscles, reinstating the equal pull between the muscles. The techniques used may include reflex points, nutritional support, exercise, or an emotional component. These aspects will bring the body back into a balanced state where everything is again working synergistically.

When all aspects of our lives are balanced, we feel well, everything flows and we achieve our potential with ease.

What will I experience?

Although a PKP practitioner follows a protocol, the techniques used to reinstate your body’s balance are specific to your needs.

All kinesiology sessions are carried out fully clothed usually lying face up on a massage table. Many Kinesiologists will give you a preference as to whether you prefer to have your session sitting, lying or standing.

A PKP kinesiologists tool kit has a varied range of techniques. You may experience techniques that focus on mental/emotional aspects of your wellbeing, including your subconscious, perceptions and thoughts.  You may also experience techniques that reinstate the structure of the body eg. posture and flexibility. You may experience techniques that use nutrition or environmental factors to help reinstate your bodies balance. As Kinesiology is based on TCM concepts and balancing the meridian system you may experience techniques that may work on these subtle energy fields of the body to improve energy, vitality and clarity of mind.  The entire process is an active process, where you as the client may have to discuss aspects of your life, do an exercise, rub a point or take note of the changes in your body and mind.

Will you heal all my health conditions?

A kinesiologist does not diagnose treat or prescribe any known condition. Our aim is to reinstate the bodies own innate process of healing and homeostasis.  we focus on reducing the stressors that are causing the imbalances in an individual. At subtle levels, the body is already aware of what is needed to facilitate healing. What kinesiology is able to do, in a therapeutic sense, is to access that information in order to assist the natural healing process. Many people have experienced profound improvements in their health that they were not expecting due to the life changing sessions they have experienced with a practitioner.

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