I was standing at cafe, waiting for my takeaway order when I saw an older man get up from his seat and walk over to a table where a mother and daughter were having a cafe date. After asking the mother if it was ok to give her daughter a small present, he turned to the 4year old and gestured that she close her eyes. With the OK from her mother, she closed her eyes in anticipation. When she opened her eyes, there was a coin on the table beside her hot chocolate. The joy that came across her face was priceless. She was genuinely appreciative of the generosity of this man and received it with confidence and pure gratitude. The gratitude was not only to to the man who gave it to her. It was also to the coin for existing in that moment and to herself for receiving it.

What expectations are you holding on to right now? Do these have you stuck and frustrated because they aren't working out exactly how you expected? 

It's perfectly OK to dream, to create, to have purpose in your life. But, getting fixated on how you will get there and trying to control every step of the way is not helpful. You will get caught up in the details and forget to enjoy the process. [...]

The Function of Your Muscles Effects How You Feel.

Your muscles are what hold your body together, allow you to move and help your body function effectively. When our muscles "activate" they contract either pulling the limb in a direction or working along other muscles to stabilise a joint. When the muscle relaxes it allows for the muscles opposing them to either contract and move the limb in a different direction or to return the limb to a neutral position. When muscles don't work in synergy then it can have an effect on the balance and movement of the body causing postural deviations, pain, inflexibility and fatigue. [...]

Stress isn't all bad!!

In psychology, stress is a reaction to a real or perceived threat. This functions to motivate us into action and to keep us alive and functioning. There are a number of physiological responses that take place in the body when this occurs. All of these responses are to stimulate the body and the mind to function at its peak. When the stress is within our coping abilities we call this Eustress. It is in this state that we feel motivated and focused to achieve our desired or required outcome. [...]

This weeks theme with clients has been "feeling lost" each client feeling like they were overwhelmed with the need to have a path laid out in front of them and need to be on that specific path at all times in their life. The message for them was to release any expectations as to what that is going to look like and how it "should be", leaving space open for them to create and welcome in the "knowing" feeling when they come across the next step to take. Sometimes we put so much expectation on the end picture, that we forget to be present in today, and make use of the experiences that offer stepping stones of knowledge and experience towards a goal that we may or may not be conscious of yet. When we focus too much on trying to figure out the bigger picture, we miss the little intuitive pulls to use the stepping stones that have been presented to us. [...]

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