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About our Kinesiology Course Open Day / Information session 

Join our Kinesiology course open day info session Online or In Person to learn about our classes and ask the questions you need to ask learn about the course, Understand the course structure and fee’s and meet the person who will be teaching you!

Learn about our course & workshops

There are a number of streams of Kinesiology being taught around the world and here in Australia. It can be hard to decide what programme is right for you. Our Kinesiology Course Open Day/ Info Session  provides you with the opportunity to understand a little more about the ICPKP (International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice) Programme that we teach here. If you want to read ahead you can learn a little more about the PKP programme.

Meet the staff who will be teaching you

There are also a number of course facilitators around Australia that teach this amazing stream. There is only so much that you can learn about a person via text. This info session gives you an opportunity to meet your course facilitator and get to know the kind of teaching style that she offers to her students.

Get a feel for the learning environment

Your learning environment is also important! At Be Your Potential, the standard school environment isn’t what Jess wanted to create.  This course open day will let you see some of the environment you will have access to.

Take home a Self-Care tool.

You get to experience kinesiology for yourself as I talk you through a self -care technique you can use for yourself.

To make this easier for everyone, we are currently running this via Zoom or in Person.

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Know you want to study with us? We have a number of Workshops and A Practitioner Course available.

Jessica Wiel Kinesiologist and kinesiology faculty member

Jessica Wiel – Kinesiologist and Head Trainer

Experience:ICPKP Diploma and ICPKP Faculty member

Jessica is an ICPKP Practitioner and the primary Kinesiologist and Head Trainer at Be Your Potential Kinesiology. Jess found her superpower when she found kinesiology. Her natural tendency to understand things on all sorts of levels is the gift she brings to her kinesiology sessions and her teaching.

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