Kinesiology Workshops for High Level Wellness and Vitality

Do you want to learn a little bit of kinesiology for yourself in one of our Kinesiology workshops?

We are passionate about sharing the benefits of kinesiology with everyone! You don’t have to become a practitioner to to use these incredible techniques in your own life.

The Kinesiology workshops we offer here, provide you with a number of incredibly powerful techniques that you can use at home.  You will learn techniques to use on yourself as well as ways that you can use the techniques with family and friends.

The workshops we currently teach are from a series of K-Power workshops from the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice.

These Kinesiology Workshops are designed to :

Reduce Stress and anxiety

Improve your energy and vitality

Move you towards your lifegoals.

Our Workshops for Wellbeing

Want to learn more than what is offered in our K-Power Workshops?

Our Kinesiology Workshops give you some basic techniques to use on yourself and with others. However, if you are thinking about using kinesiology in your practice, or starting a career in Natural therapies, our PKP programme offers the International Ceritificate in Professional Kinesiology Practice.

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